Bioaqua Peach Extract Fruit Acid Exfoliating Face Gel Cream
Bioaqua Peach Exfoliating Gel is the ideal product for attaining glowing, smooth skin.
This product is formulated with natural peach extract, which eliminates dead cells, pollutants, and impurities from your surface, leaving it feeling refreshed and invigorated.
It boasts microcrystals that deliver a deep cleanse without causing any inflammation.
The peach extract also helps to even out the skin tone, while Vitamin C and E shield skin from environmental harm.
It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and free from harsh chemicals or parabens.
To use, apply a small amount to damp skin and massage with circular motions for a few minutes.
Rinse and pat dry. For optimal effectiveness, use it 2-3 times weekly.
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Peach Fruit Acid Exfoliating Cream Smooth Moisturizing Gentle Hydrating Improve Pores Facial Care 140g